Automotive Service and Repair

Services Offered


A/c Service

We check your R-134a freon levels and add oil if necessary. We check for leaks, and replace any parts that have failed.


We have a four wheel alignment rack and machine that we use for alignments. We check front and rear toe-in, camber and caster. The alignment will affect tire wear, steering wheel position, and vehicle pull.

Brake work

Keeping your brakes in proper working order is important for safety, but also can cut cost of future repair. Checking your brakes often for excessive or uneven wear can prevent damaging brake rotors. Also, inspecting brake lines for excessive rust is important to prevent brake line blow outs and loss of brakes.

Car Purchase Inspection

If you are looking at purchasing a used vehicle, you can bring it to us to have it looked over. We will test drive to listen for noises. We will check for rust, oil leaks, and the condition of the fluids. Also, we look it over underneath to see if there are any potential problems you should know about.

CHeck Engine Light- Engine Diagnostics

Your Check Engine Light indicates an issue with vehicle drivability or emissions system. If the light is on, it can affect fuel mileage and potentially do damage to the engine. We have the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose your Check Engine Light issues.

State Safety inspection

State Safety Inspection is a yearly safety inspection required by the state. It includes checking all lights, windows, tires, brakes, chassis, body and frame, and steering. Also, a valid registration and insurance is required.

State Emissions Inspection

This is the yearly Emissions Inspection required by the state. In this inspection we check to make sure all of the emissions components on the vehicle are operating correctly.

Oil change - service

Oil and filter change. Includes checking all fluids and topping off if necessary. Also, we will lubricate the chassis, and check tire pressures.

Timing Belt Replacement

Most vehicle need the timing belt replaced every 100,000 to prevent a break down and potentially major damage. Check your owners manual, or call us to see if yours should be replaced.

Tire Change and Balance

We are able to change and balance tires for most cars and light trucks. We are able to get a variety of tires depending on what price and quality you are looking for.

Transmission Flush

Every 60,000-100,000 Mile your transmission should be flushed to clean out all old fluid and any dirt that may be in the transmission. We use the BG flushing system which includes a BG Transmission Cleaner and Conditioner. We use a machine which pulls old fluid out and replaces with new. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation for when your transmission should be flushed.


A Tune-up in necessary to keep your vehicle running at peak performance in both power and fuel economy. During a tune-up we replace spark plugs and wires (If applicable), air filter, and fuel filter. We clean clean the intake manifold with BG Intake Manifold Cleaner. Also, we will check all modules on the vehicle for codes

Headlight Polish

Today, most vehicles have plastic headlight capsules which will get hazy and yellow over time. This affects the brightness of your light beam and the appearance of your vehicle. We offer a headlight polish that will make your headlights look like new.